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What is the best dye to be used for plastic materials?

There are different types of plastics and each one has unique characteristic and qualities. Each of the plastic is composed of completely different materials. This clearly means that it requires a variety of dyes for the production of different items … Continue reading

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Applications and precautions related to Sodium Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate

SFS is the one of the most effective and convenient industrial bleaching agent, but apart from a bleaching agent, it has several other applications that can be attributed to its bleaching, reducing and dihydrate properties also. For emulsion polymerization, SFS … Continue reading

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Various uses of Zinc Borate

An inorganic compound, Zink Borate is a white crystalline chemical with low toxicity. It is widely used as a flame retardant in rubber, plastics, textile, paper, and other products. This chemical compound is widely used in flexible PVC (poly vinyl … Continue reading

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Role and applications of plastic colorants

Plastic colorants are the solvent based dyes that are widely used in the industry to give vibrant shades various materials such as styrene, acetates, PETP, nylon, PMMA, acrylics, PVC, polyester, and polystyrene monomers. Furthermore, textiles, yarns, and automobiles are also … Continue reading

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Applications of Benzyl Alcohol

Also referred to as phenylmethanol or phenylcarbinol, Benzyl Alcohol is a clear, oily and colorless liquid that has a mild pleasant perfumed odor. Its’ melting and boiling points are 15 C and 205 C, respectively. Moderately soluble in water and … Continue reading

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