The most important uses of solvent dyes

A solvent dye gets dissolved in organic solvents, helps in creating a solution. It is because of non polar nature of dye that makes easy for it to get mixed with solvent. These types of dyes do not ionize easily. Ionization refers to ability of compound to change its polarity by losing or gaining an electron from another compound.

Moreover, such dyes do not dissolve in water but get dissolved completely in solvents. It means they will not form a residue. In addition to this, dyes available in yellow and red are known as azo dyes.

These types of dyes are used for a variety of reasons, out of which, the most important ones are as follows:

These dyes are used in foil printing, marking pens, printing inks, ball point pens and many more.

  • The usage of this dye is also seen in automotive industry for coloring lubricants.
  • The dyes are also used of coloring solid materials such as polyester, acetates, nylon, polystyrene and various other materials.
  • Dyes are also used for staining several structures found in cells.
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