Different types of epoxy resins used in residential and commercial sector

Epoxy resins, used in combination with fillers and fabrics, are one of the multipurpose materials for repair and construction jobs. It is a durable adhesive used for a variety of reasons in and outside homes. These adhesives are categorized into two forms known as glycidyl and non-glycidyl.

These two categories are further divided into different types that are as follows:
1. Adhesives
It is a robust material that sticks items together and creates strong bonding between two materials. The adhesive epoxy resins are used for different purposes ranging from fixing a ceramic item in households to using it for an array of reasons in industries.
2. Paint and coating
These types of epoxy resins protect painted surfaces and materials. The best part is that they are resistant to fire. There is a possibility that you may need to use diluted form of epoxy resin, depending upon purpose and epoxy resin you are using.
3. Sealants
Epoxies are also used as sealant material. As the name suggest, these types of epoxies are used for sealing items. The sealants are used for repairing household items, windows, and doors. The basic purpose of sealants is to fill in the damaged area and allowing it to dry.

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