How epoxy resins serve modern industry needs?

Also known as polyepoxide, epoxy resins are produced through a special curing process in which liquid polyethers are transformed into infusible solids.

These products serve various industries in various ways. For example, they are use in industrial tooling applications to manufacture castings, molds, fixtures, and laminates. Optoelectronics and dentistry, and fiber optics industry use these products after they cures through ultraviolet light.

Electronic industry use resins in the production process of insulators, transformers, switchgear, and generators. Resins play an important role in domestic applications to repair the objects like china, pottery, glass, wood, metal, and leather.

Due to their rigid adhesive properties, resins for a strong and durable bond between two joining materials. That is why they are widely used in marine applications to repair materials. It is advisable not to use these joining agents on the outermost layer of the boat. The reason is that resins deteriorate their properties due to Ultra Violet light exposure.

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