The numerous types of dyes used in plastic industries!

Dyes are used for a variety of reasons in different industries. Apart from their usage in textile industry, dyes are also used in industries manufacturing colored plastics.  A plastic dye is categorized into several types; some of the most important ones are as follows:

  • Natural dyes are acquired from natural sources like plants, leaves, flowers, and wood. It was Neolithic period, when dyes first came into existence. However, some of the natural dyes available in market are woad, madder, indigo and many more.
  • William Henry Perkin is the man behind existence of synthetic dyes. These dyes gained a lot of popularity as they are available in diverse range of colors, can be produced in a cost effective manner and possess exciting properties, which make it the best option that can be used in varied industries for an array of reasons. These dyes are further classified into various types known as vat, basic, mordant, and reactive dyes.

It is recommended to look for a reputed service provider to get high quality dyes and to get maximum information about dyes and precautions you need to take while using natural and synthetic dyes for manufacturing colored plastic goods.

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