Benzyl Alcohol- The miraculous organic compound!

Have you heard of the chemical, benzyl alcohol?

Well, it is one of the highly in-demand chemicals from the field of organic chemistry. As an important organic compound, it finds application in chemical, biological, as well as nano-technological applications.

As a solvent, the compound is used in chemical industry for the manufacturing of paints, inks, dyes and other similar mixtures.

As a precursor to the ester family, the chemical is used in the perfume and soap industry for the manufacturing process.

The chemical is a highly useful one for the health care industry. Firstly, because of its bacteriostatic properties Benzyl Alcohol is used in intravenous medications at low concentrations. It is also used in anti-itch drugs because of its antipruritic properties. As a treatment for head lice, U.S. FDA prompts the use of Benzyl Alcohol as a 5%solution (only for children aged 6months and above).

Apart from all this, benzyl alcohol is also used in quality testing of quartz products. The refractive index of benzyl alcohol being approximately same as that of quartz, pure quartz object becomes invisible after being dipped in it.

As an important compound in the nanotechnology field, benzyl alcohol finds application as a dielectric solvent.

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