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Disperse dyes and their applications

Dye is a coloring agent used to bring attractive shades to different types of fabrics. Disperse colorants are non-ionic chemicals that are insoluble in water. They are mainly used to induce shades to polyesters and to some extent; they can … Continue reading

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The most important uses of solvent dyes

A solvent dye gets dissolved in organic solvents, helps in creating a solution. It is because of non polar nature of dye that makes easy for it to get mixed with solvent. These types of dyes do not ionize easily. … Continue reading

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Dyes and their various types

Dyes bring color to the products around us, from plastic to fabric we use everything is colourful because of the colorant used in its dyeing. Based on nature dyes have been classified into two major types. What are those? Let … Continue reading

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