Royce Colors

Royce Colors is the leading US supplier of Basic dyes, Solvent dyes, Vat dyes, Color Concentrates and Functional Masterbatches. Every day, we deliver creative solutions that give you quantifiable improvements to your bottom line.

Our Vision of Excellence is attained through the Utilization of our:

  • Laboratory personnel with years of experience.
  • Product Application Specialists whose in-plant experience guarantees customers the best product value.
  • Global supply infrastructure utilizing the world’s pre-eminent raw material suppliers.
  • Quality Assurance processes that result in product conformance that is second to none. Regulatory Team that fulfills all existing and future compliance needs.

Royce colors products are offered under the following divisions.

Color Concentrates and Compounds

Royce Colors and Compounds specializes in Color Concentrate and Functional Masterbatches for food, drug, and cosmetic packaging, medical devices, children products, toys, disposables, housewares, and pet items. Our team of color specialists design optimized solutions that not only conform our customer’s requirements, but also give you a competitive edge in today’s marketplace.

Our Lab experts are experienced in developing colorants and functional products that meets your visual, performance and regulatory needs. Royce will work with you and your customer’s product designers to help you differentiate your product by utilizing special effect colorants like Granite, Edge Glow, Pearl, Interference pearl, and Marlite (patented marble effect).

We also provide a full line of process and performance enhancing concentrates, including but not limited to: UV, Flame retardant, Cycle enhancing, Shrink Inhibiting, Slip, Anti-block, Nucleating Agents, Impact Modifiers, Mold Release etc.

Royce is on the cutting edge of sustainable technology offering colorants, impact modifiers and other products for the latest bio-based resins. In addition we will work with you to obtain any certification you desire associated with your bio-based product. Royce’s team of regulatory professional experts, will ensure that the formulation and documentation of all your products meets or exceed all US and Global standards including: FDA, RoHs, WEEE, REACH, CONEG, CPSC, CPSIA as well as EU, Asian and Latin American food and toy regulations.

Royce is a proud member and supporter of the Society of Plastics Industry

Paper Colorants

Royce’s Paper Colorants division is the Global Leader in producing High-quality, Cationic Basic dyes for use in Paper Industry. Basic Dyes are commonly used in the production of Recycled Linerboard, Newsprint, Molded Pulp Products and Unbleached Kraft Specialties.

Royce’s Liquid Basic dyes are available in a complete range of colors. Royce’s Basic dyes are extremely high-strength, brilliant colors used to dye lignin-containing fibers. Most products are supplied in either acetic-acid medium or a low-VOC version.

Brown Dyes for Testliner

Royce’s dyestuff factory is located in Paterson, New Jersey. We have been global leader in the production of Basic Brown dyes used in the Recycled Linerboard and Test-liner business. Our success has been based on our commitment to meet customer’s needs. Additionally, Royce’s custom dye formulations cannot be equaled when it comes to quality, performance and cost.

Plastic Dyes

Royce Colors Plastic Dyes Division is a leading manufacturer/supplier of Solvent Dyes used in the color concentrate/masterbatch industry.

Many of our dyes are manufactured in the US assuring our customers quality and service that are second to none; in addition, all of our Solvent Dyes undergo rigorous quality control procedures.

Our Customer focused inventory means that our customers always receive the product they want when they want it.

Textile Dyes

Royce Colors Textile dye division offers a complete line of Vat Colors, which include Vat pastes and Vat powders. All products are standardized at our plant in 41 Peachview Blvd, Gaffney, SC 29341. We offer complete shade matching to meet customer’s requirements. We also offer customized mixes to meet customer standards.

Our Textile dye division offers the highest quality Vat dyes and complete technical support with over 50 years experience in the textile industry. We define high quality standards, competitive pricing and technical support to meet our entire customer needs.