Color Concentrates & Compounds

Color Concentrates

Color Concentrates and Masterbatch Products are available in virtually every resin that is commercially available including the latest Bio-Resins (PLA, etc). Loading of up to 80% are offered providing you the optimal choice of cost and performance.

Liquid Color Dispersion

Liquid Color Dispersions for all resin types are available. The advantages that liquid colorant offers in certain applications make it the colorant of choice for some processors.

Dry Color Dispersion

Royce color offers Dry Color Pigment and Dye dispersions for all resin types. Dry Color is provided in unitized bags as low as 50 lb. units or in bulk.

Pre-Color Compounds

Compounds in all resin types from 5,000 lb orders to multi-truckload quantities are available.

Speciality Compounds

Royce can formulate and supply TPE, TPO and virtually every other resin compound. These compounds can be supplied in natural or pre-colored as well as functional additives.

Closed Loop Colorant

Royce Colors, in many cases, can utilize a percentage of your production regrind and convert it into color concentrate or compound for you. This is available for both FDA and non FDA applications.

Special Effect Colorants

Granite, Stone, Marlite (Patented Marbleizing Concentrate), Edge Glow, Pearlescent, Interference Color Shifting Pearlescent, Metallic, Glitter Photo and Thermo-Chromatic Colorants, Transparent Colorants for Olefins.


Royce is the leading supplier of Colorants, Impact Modifiers, Process Aids and Functional Additives for Bio-Resins, including PLA. Royce is a certified, preferred supplier of products for NatureWorks resin.

Functional Additives and Process Aids

Royce is constantly developing new functional additive concentrates to enhance your processing parameters and save you money. Our functional concentrate additives include: Shrink Inhibitors to reduce warping of thin wall olefin products, Cycle Time Reduction concentrates, Nucleation concentrates for PS, PP, PLA and PE, Exothermic and Endothermic Foaming Agents, UV Absorbers, Slip, Anti-Block, Lubricants and Mold Release Agents.

Paper Colorants

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Plastic Dyes

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Textile dyes

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Color Concentrates & Compounds

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Reductive Chemicals

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Specialty Chemicals

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