Reductive Chemicals


Sodium Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate (SFS)

Custom Grinds Size

While other suppliers simply sell Sodium Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate in 2 or 3 grind sizes, packaged in 250 lb. drums, Royce manufactures and packages S. F. S. in any particle size our customer requires. Besides 250 lb. drums, we provide custom ground material in bulk bags, 50 lb. bags, 50 lb. kegs or any other package to the exact weight specified.

New Liquid

Furthermore, we are the only supplier of a stabilized liquid. This product offers maximum consistency and ease of handling. It is supplied in bulk tank wagons, semi-bulk totes, 55 gallon drums or any custom container our customers need.

This product has application for Rubber, Polymers & Plastic, Textiles, Adhesives, Paints & Coatings and Other Markets.

Sodium Hydrosulfite (SHS)

Sodium hydrosulfite is a versatile chemical that’s used in the manufacture of a variety of products we all use every day, from photographic film to wine; from fine writing papers to leather goods; from colored fabrics to metal recovery.

While the applications for this chemical workhorse are as vast and as varied as the industries that use it, in most cases, sodium hydrosulfite performs one of the following three roles:

  • As a reducing agent, hydrosulfite chemically reduces other components by donating an electron or electrons
  • As a sulfonating agent, hydrosulfite adds sulfur to another chemical compound
  • As a cation source, hydrosulfite adds a cation, or sodium, to a product system

Sodium hydrosulfite is the common commercial name for products containing sodium dithionite, Na2S2O4, as the active ingredient.

This product has application for Textiles, Wood, Pulp and Paper, Precious Metal Recovery, Water treatment and Leather.

Zinc Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate (ZFS)

This product has application for textiles in stripping and discharge printing. ZFS is used as stripping and discharge agent in polyester, nylon and other synthetic fibers.

Specialty Reducing Chemicals

HAS & Blends

HAS is a Powdered Reductive Bleach that is more stable than Hydrosulfite and FAS. HAS is a more stable reducing agent than sodium hydrosulfite which can be used alone to bleach, or in many cases, it can also enhance hydro’s performance in several applications.

Many HAS products are so stable that Hazardous labeling and special handling are not required. HAS is also offered as an easy to handle liquid (HydroBoost) which is stable for up to one year.

This product has application for Wood, Pulp, Paper and Textiles.


HydroBoost is a Liquid product used to boost Hydrosulfite’s reductive power in bleaching and de-coloring applications. HydroBoost can stand alone and/or be used in totes (stable for up to one year) in applications for mills who don’t want to install special Liquid Hydrosulfite equipment or who only want to bleach reductively on occasion.

This product has application for Wood, Pulp and Paper.

Redox TY

Redox TY is an excellent waste water management ingredient to Coil Coating Industries in their water treatment plants. Redox TY is a step ahead of Sodium Metabisulfite.

This product has application for Waste Water Treatment.

Royce Clear SL

Royceclear SL is an odorless liquid used in clearing all substrates to improve crockfastness and washfastness. This product has a large stable pH and temperature range, and can be effective in all dyeing processes.

This product has application for Textiles.

Royce Clear SP

Royceclear SP is a strong, nonflammable powdered clearing agent that can be effective in all dyeing processes. This product can be used on all substrates and dye classes to improve crockfastness and washfastness in a large stable pH and temperature range.

This product has application for Textiles.


RoyceLite is a revolutionary new bleaching and clearing agent available in a variety of chemical strengths. This product has application for Textiles.

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