Specialty Chemicals

Sodium Nitrite

Sodium Nitrite, with chemical formula NaNO2, is used as a color fixative and preservative in meats and fish. When pure, it is slight yellowish crystalline powder. It is very soluble in water and is hydroscopic.

It has many other uses, including:

  • The manufacture of diazo dyes and organic pigments for the paint, dye and printing ink industries.
  • As a laboratory reagent and a corrosion inhibitor for the photography industry.
  • For phosphatizing and detinning applications for the metal coatings industry.
  • The manufacture of rubber chemicals.
  • As an electrolyte in electrochemical grinding manufacturing processes, typically diluted to about 10% concentration in water.

Zinc Borate

Zinc Borate is a fire retardant with a chemical composition of ZnOB2O3H2O.

The most commonly used grade has the structure 2ZnO.3B2O3zH2.3,5H2O. Zinc Borate can be used as a fire retardant in PVC, Polyolefins, Elastomers, Polyamides, Epoxy resins. In halogen-containing systems, Zinc Borate is used in conjunction with Antimony Oxide. While in halogen-free systems, it is normally used in conjunction with Alumina Trihydrate, Magnesium Hydroxide or Red Phosphorus. In some particular applications Zinc Borate can be used alone.

Royce’s Zinc Borate can only be used as a fire retardant or a smoke suppressant and its use for any other application is prohibited by state and federal laws.

Following is the our range of Zinc Borate based products

FireChoke ZB

FireChoke ZB is used in most polymer compounds as a smoke suppressant and flame retardant. At temperatures in excess of 290 degrees centigrade, Zinc Borate diffuses water of hydration to prevent fire and suppress smoke. FireChoke ZB is also used to impregnate flame retardant properties to canvas materials and cotton fabrics. Typical applications in canvases are Tents.

Ceramicguard ZB

Recently, borates have been an essential ingredient in ceramic and enamel glazes, integral to affixing glazes or enamels, and enhancing their durability and luster. Borates now are gaining acceptance as an essential ingredient in ceramic tile bodies, allowing manufacturers to use a wider range of clays, heightening productivity and decreasing energy usage.

Zinc Powder

In addition to the alkaline battery industry, our Zinc Powder is also used in other applications such as friction materials, spray galvanizing, chemical production and mechanical coating. We have many years of experience in tailoring our Zinc Powders to our customers applications and can readily adapt to new uses and requirements.

Zinc Powder also has application in manufacture of Zinc rich Paint formulation and in manufacture of chemicals like Zinc Phosphide, Sodium Hydrosulphite etc. It is being consumed for refining during electrolytic process for manufacture of Zinc.

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